XR In The Cloud.



Do you run a sports team with fans all over the world? Integrate the CLDXR® plugin into your team app, upload pictures and videos of your players and let your fans take AR pictures with them anytime and anywhere.

From 2D pictures to 3D holograms, everything is possible. And easily updated once a new player arrives or the new jersey is launched.

You can also use the CLDXR® photobox as mobile or stationary attraction around your stadium or sales points like the fan store.

And you always have to upload the content to the CLDXR® admin just once: because everything is connected!


  • Bring your stars and your fans closer together
  • Integrate the CLDXR® plugin into your team app
  • Create AR/VR experiences around your team
  • Update your content anytime through the CLDXR® admin
  • Create WebAR campaigns on the spot to react to current events
  • Sell merchandise directly from the AR campaigns
  • Enrich your stadium experience by adding location based photo ops


Lionel Messi

Football Player

Are you a big fan of Lionel Messi like we are? Want to see him do his thing in your living room? Well this is your lucky day!

Click on the Start AR button and see the football star do some tricks right where you are!